The Skyla Burrell Band is a full time, hardworking
traveling blues band, known for their high-energy
electric blues. Onstage and on record, they play 100%
original material — singer/guitarist Skyla Burrell and
co-founder/guitarist Mark Tomlinson share songwriting
credits. For BLUES SCARS, their fifth album, and their
first with the VizzTone label group, Skyla and the band
bring their high energy style into the studio for a 15-
song set of all new original material.
Release Date: October 7th, 2014. 

Photo by BLWard
"Skyla has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working
women in the Blues. She leads her talented band through all
original high-energy offerings of Blues that range from jumping,
jazzy and swinging to rockin' Memphis soul and smoldering
straight-up Chicago. Through it all her voice runs up and down
your spine while she wails away on her guitar and your feet just
can't be still."
Suncoast Blues Society
"Skyla Burrell and Mark Tomlinson's set for Lil' Ed was the most
incendiary and pulse pounding opening sets I've ever heard." 
Tom Cullen, President Bucks County Blues Society 

"Burrell and her three cohorts find virtue in professionalism.
They deliver unpretentious, self described "Hard Drivin' Blues"
in which strength and understatement unite in an easy, fluid
balance without sucking up to rock."
Downbeat Magazine

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