Reviews and Press

"Burrell and her three cohorts find virtue in professionalism. They deliver unpretentious, self described "Hard Drivin' Blues" in which strength and understatement unite in an easy, fluid balance without sucking up to rock."
Downbeat Magazine

"Skyla Burrell is another one to watch. Usually when one sees an attractive female blues artist she’s strictly a singer, but when Burrell straps on an electric guitar over her little black dress, look out."
Columbia News and Arts

"Skyla has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working women in the Blues. She leads her talented band through all original high-energy offerings of Blues that range from jumping, jazzy and swinging to rockin' Memphis soul and smoldering straight-up Chicago. Through it all her voice runs up and down your spine while she wails away on her guitar and your feet just can't be still."
Suncoast Blues Society

"Brace yourself. "Red hot" does not begin to describe Skyla Burrell and her Blues Band. They are on fire musically, but Burrell could have a second career as a model or actress.
Blues Moon Radio

"This disc (Tough Luck) is just an ode to joy, that alone can make the blues....Skyla Burrell is more than just a good time listening."
Decibel Guitar ~ France

"Skyla Burrell's set for Lil' Ed was the most incendiary and pulse pounding opening sets I've ever heard."
Tom Cullen, President Bucks County Blues Society

Jazz & Blues Florida

"Real Love" is one of the most complete, well-balanced, finely crafted, nicely produced, superbly preformed and wonderfully written collections of music that I've heard from any band at any level. I'm on your band wagon! No weak spots in the album and for me, very very danceable throughout.My vote is a "10"!
Mark Bersbach - Blues Fan

“Fronted by the vibrant vocals and fiery guitar leads of Skyla Burrell, this Pennsylvania group dishes out strong, well-made electric blues." 
Editors: CNET/

"Tough Luck", the self-released third disc from hard driving Skyla Burrell, yields a variety of pleasures.... Burrell balances grit with girlishness."
Blues Review Magazine

"Women blues-guitar players such as Bonnie Raitt, and more recently Susan Tedeschi, have paved the way for artists like Skyla. Many women in the blues have great voices and have made their careers singing the blues, but not too many can double it up, slice it, dice it and sacrifice it on the best Fender has to offer like Skyla can."
Music Monthly Magazine

"One of the most smokin' blues bands in the US"
Digital Cafe Tour

"Skyla and Mark really raise the roof with their house-rockin blues"
Bob Settlen - Vice President, Bucks County Blues Society

"Wake up people! The cool blues just walked in! And it’s coming from a hot band from Pennsylvania, USA that has a tight sound and a lot of soul. Hailing from the land of the brave and the home of the blues, they have an authenticity to their sound that doesn’t sway to a pop side that can usually ruin any attempt at being a good blues band. And with a female vocalist whose voice jumps out and grabs you by the blues, The Skyla Burrell blues band is the real deal in a solid package that stays true to the real meaning of their genre."
St. Croix Music Magazine

"Burrell has a great growly voice sure to get under your skin."
Blues Review Magazine (Working Girl Blues)

"The Skyla Burrell band plays electric boogie blues that'll make your spirits soar."
Scan & Plan Extra NY

**** (4 stars out of 4)
"A promising second CD, a beautiful piece that announces a more than interesting follow up, and the growing of a blues band to keep under your radar…"
Unc' Erick, Blues & Co Magazine France (Livin' Day to Day)

"On stage, she's equal parts siren, blues goddess and ringmistress"
The Daily Times - Maryville, TN

"This is an album of good solid blues, backed with a driving beat and gratifyingly unpretentious vocals, which features predominantly mid to up tempo numbers. Among the highlights are "Rockin' in Memphis", "Livin' Day to Day" and "Two Time Dirty Dog", all fine examples of the up tempo blues that seem to be Skyla's forte. Although with "I'm Going Down" and "Come In" she shows that she can handle the slower paced side equally as well."
BluesBunny (Livin' Day to Day)

"Skyla Burrell has a great vocal style and guitar chops to match. Catch the band’s CD and catch them live."
Alan Kurzer - Natchel Blues Network (Working Girl Blues)

"This group plays a smooth and upbeat brand of blues, highlighted by Skyla's rangeful and soulful voice and feisty guitar work, which she often trades off with Mark, resulting in some fiery guitar jams. I was very impressed with my first look at the Skyla Burrell Blues Band."
Pennsylvania Musician

"Livin' Day to Day is a poised and confident set, which more firmly establishes the Skyla Burrell Blues Band as a classy, quality blues ensemble well worth exploring."
Jim Price, WBXQ FM (Livin' Day to Day)

"Burrell works up a feisty frenzy of fret-work on guitar while slathering sizzling soul on her sultry vocals. Burrell fuses classic electric blues to full-tilt boogie for a humid hybrid guaranteed to mesmerize your booty right out onto the dance floor."
Tallahassee Democrat

"It is hard to believe blues of this caliber can come from Central Pennsylvania.”
Todd Chrostowski, WTMD 89.7 FM

4 1/2 Stars
Who? One no-nonsense, highly talented Pennsylvania blues quartet.
Sounds like: Heavy, old school Chicago blues with a gritty twist.

"From the get-go, SKBB's rock-steady rhythm section sets down the boogie beat as Burrell keeps boldly singing for just a "Little Bit of Your Love." On each cut, the animated, dueling guitar work between the two prime blues pickers eventually gives way to Burrell's barrage of passionate, steamy vocals. For their confident sophomore release, SKBB draws from a broad and enthusiastic blues palette."
Alan Kurzer - Portfolio Weekly (Livin' Day to Day)

"Burrell's voice is as deep and wide in range as the mighty Mississippi itself. Her voice has the same timbre as Bonnie Raitt with the soul of Billie Holiday and a little of Janis Joplin's strength for good measure."
Fly Magazine

"Their music both swings and rocks. Not rocks in a blues-rock sense, but rocks in a hard-driving blues sense. In fact, if you’re a fan of blues-rock, this album probably won’t work for you. Their songs tend to the “straight blues” end of the spectrum, a refreshing approach nowadays. The guitars have a bit of a retro 50’s feel, light on the distortion and overdrive, some reverb, adding up to a nice clean old-school Fender sound.
BluesRow (Livin' Day to Day)

"With their latest release, Burrell, Tomlinson and company have scored another homegrown blues knockout."
Alan Kurzer - Natchel Blues Network (Livin' Day to Day)